Great Glamorgan Way


Managing Public Rights of Way and Green spaces for Biodiversity

This toolkit will provide advice about how to manage habitats and green spaces for biodiversity on Public Rights of Way as well as within grant-funded and Council led projects. There are a wide range of habitats across South- Central Wales, from the Severn Estuary to freshwater habitats, woodlands, moorlands, high valley sides and urban areas. Therefore, this toolkit will provide guidance on how to manage, monitor and improve biodiversity for specific habitats and species. The management practices in this document will outline how to encourage grassland meadows, vegetation, trees and shrubs as well as invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, with the overall aim of improving the landscape for biodiversity and achieving biodiversity net gain.

The toolkit will also give advice and examples of how to engage the local community through outdoor activities to increase community wellbeing and ongoing project engagement. Many of the examples illustrated within the document could be adapted to benefit community led and voluntary projects.

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