Great Glamorgan Way

Code of Conduct

Respect Each Other

  • Give way to other users. All saddles are welcome on the Great Glamorgan Way
  • Respect local people, their homes and where they work
  • Leave gates how you found them
  • Do not block access and gateways
  • Keep to the marked paths and designated public areas
  • Keep dogs on a lead around livestock and within sight at all times

Respect the Environment

  • Take home at least as much litter as you brought with you
  • Bag dog poo and bin it
  • Do not light fires and BBQs outside of designated areas

Respect Local Wildlife

  • Protect habitats by keeping to the marked path and designated public areas
  • Do not to feed animals as this can harm them or cause them to become stressed
  • Give wildlife, livestock and horses space, especially if they are with their young. If animals become spooked or defensive, they may cause harm to you or themselves.

Make Good Memories

  • Plan your route
  • Tell someone else where you are going and when you expect to return
  • Read up to date Great Glamorgan Way guidance on route conditions
  • Take photos and share