Great Glamorgan Way

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Llanharan and Llantrisant Forest

A clever spot to use as a base camp for longer routes, Llanharan’s dramatic valley and the nearby forest of Llantrisant, itself speckled with ancient woodland, will set up a day’s ride you won’t soon forget.


A rolling ride through the Vale of Glamorgan’s green hills and valleys, centred around the charming and historied village of Colwinston, whose past features legends, lords and life after the darkest of times.


Its winding trails seeing phenomenal natural redevelopment work under the Great Glamorgan Way, Wenvoe is stocked with helpful facilities to make life easier as you traverse the undulating landscape of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Castell Nos and Lluest Wen

A beautiful region studded with reservoirs, wind turbines, woodlands and riverways, you’ll find every minute has something new to wonder at or ride over in exhilaration.


A curving sweep that rounds the Northern edge of Maesteg, packed with views, windswept moors, woodlands, peaks and troughs, with the town itself serving as the ideal place to strike out from.

Craig y Parc

A trail that bridges the gap between two ancient hillforts, skims along the bones of an old railway track and then climbs into lush green woodland, it makes the perfect start or end point to a route reaching right the way up from Cardiff to Pontypridd and beyond.


A steep forested climb, teeming with wonderfully framed views of the Aberdare valley below, snatched in tantalising glimpses between the trees. The tiny hamlet of Llanwono fits more heritage into its two buildings than you’ll find in some large villages!


Thriving on its heritage and florae, Dyffryn is a treasure trove of beautiful plant life, wild and rare trees and stately splendour in the heart of the Vale. The two ancient burial chambers nearby are some of the best preserved in the country, and will transport you back to a world older than metal.

St Hilary

A picturesque village brimming with almost 1000 years of history, St Hilary’s is a fantastic location to start or end a ride. North of the village, the peak of Bryn Owain offers sweeping views of the Vale of Glamorgan, and is the site of one of Owain Glyndŵr’s most exhausting battles against the English.

Ogmore-by-Sea and St Brides Major

A storied, constantly engaging trail, the imposing silhouette of Ogmore Castle marks the centuries of history just waiting to be discovered throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, whilst the landscape provides a refuge for Britain’s most endangered butterfly.

Merthyr Mawr Warren

Scout out a varied route along the wide expanses of Wales’s highest dunes (the second highest in Europe!), before exploring deep into the intimate, flowing foliage of truly ancient woodland.

Ogmore Vale

A little taste of everything, Ogmore Vale combines hilltop woodland, the flowing River Ogmore and a hearty climb up into the mountains above the valley, where you will find some spectacular panoramic views of South Wales.


Cresting above the heart of the Welsh Valleys, the mountain of Werfa boasts thrills, views and a deep connection to the land itself, as the origin point for Wales’s most famous hymn.